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Aerospace & Defense

There is no other industry than Aerospace and Defense that has a higher demand in quality and process control

Veco, together with Tecan, has a long history working with a broad range of leading aerospace and defense companies across the world, meeting and exceeding their critical demands. Our parts have served various needs in the industry and can be seen in applications like heat exchangers, fuel cells, precision meshes and filtration sieves, magnetic shieldings, etc. 

  • Heat exchangers, cooling plates, micro-fluid plates
  • Precision meshes and sieves
  • Fuel filters, precision nozzles
  • Gaskets, brackets, magnetic shieldings
  • Shims, washers, spacers
  • Radar and RF antennas
  • Lids, RFI Labyrinths
  • Springs, contacts, electrical connectors

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