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What if you had a partner to co-develop the best possible solutions for your critical components with? A partner that’s with you from the very start, so that you can design, prototype, and go to industrial scale production together.

How you and our R&D team work together: The co-development process

1. Critical micro-precision challenge

To create a next-generation product, you require micro-precision components. In the first phase of the co-development process, we look at your project parameters and wishes together so that we can design the best possible solution in phase 2

2. Envisioning solutions with our Engineering team

How can we co-develop your next innovation as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while ensuring a consistent quality of your product? Together, we draw up the path to optimal creation. We select the most suitable manufacturing technique, define which key features to measure to ensure further optimisation during iterations, and determine the parameters we’ll perform our inspection on.

3. Creation of sample(s)

  1. We create the first version of your sample with the selected manufacturing technique. If necessary, we ensure further optimisation of your sample during iterations.
  2. The final version of your sample is created. We now execute what is called the first article inspection report (FAIR) to confirm that the sample aligns with the design you/we have created. A quantitative inspection ensures that all the key parameters of your product are within the predefined bandwidth.
  3. We now perform a qualitative inspection to ensure that your sample is created according to Veco’s quality requirements. Our quality control team inspects each component independently and also makes sure that your product functions perfectly as a whole.
  4. Your sample is now ready to be integrated into your application and tested. Before we move the next and final step — industrial scale production — some iterations on your product may be performed, dependent on your test results.

4. Industrial scale production

Now that your sample is created, tested and inspected, it’s time to move to industrial scale production. And we can move to industrial scale production fast, because the majority of the production parameters are already in place from when we created your sample. Our philosophy is to use as much of the pre-existing production processes for the big volume production of your parts — something you’ll notice in terms of delivery times and quality.

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