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How can I file a complaint about my parts?

If for some reason the part's received do not match the parts offered, it's possible to file a complaint. Therefore we need the below information. 


Customer Name: Company name. 

Complaint number: Internal reference number for your complaint. 

Complaint Description: Clear description about the complaint, if possible attached pictures, drawing, and dimensional report. 

Invoice: Invoice number provided by Veco.

Art. Code: Article code of the defected parts. 

Batch nr (s): Batch number of the defected parts. 

Qty received by customer: Quantity received from Veco. 

Qty returned by customer: Quantity returned by the customer. 

Expected return date: When are the parts expected to return at Veco. 

Open orders on this article: A simple yes or no. 


Please share all of the above-mentioned information with order.veco@vecoprecision.com. 

All information is necessary to provide a quick follow-up and complaint handling.