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Experimental Design

At Veco, we like to work according to the experimental design method. Every new development project starts with an idea of what needs to be worked out by you; the engineer.  Somewhere in the process, you might need some (metal) precision parts, but you're not sure what the possibilities are. 

It would be helpful to have someone who can discuss your idea and simultaneously explains the possibilities in a variety of techniques (electroforming, chemical etching, and laser material processing). Together you will be able to think of a solution which is suitable for your project and fits a certain technology. 

Testing your idea is takes time and in most cases a couple of iterations before the product is right, therefore it's important to have close contact with the engineers at the supplier. We call this co-development, and together with our clients, we're able to help in figuring out this experimental design process. 

A successful project means that the part is according to the requirement and is successfully implemented in the product of the customer. 


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