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No more painful hunting for different filtration media with different projects

Filtration is a complicated industry with applications ranging from liquid / solid, solid / gas filtration, light filtration, sound filtration, to separation within the water, chemical, algae, petrochemical, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, food and a wide range of other process industries. Filtration media varies across applications/industries and has a significant influence on efficiency of production process and quality of final products.

Engineers strive to search for the right solutions for different projects/demands. What if someone can develop and customize an off-the-shelf solution for you and only for you?

Ultra precision metal filtration enabling innovations from Jupiter to your coffee filter

Electroforming, photo-etching, as well as laser cutting enables rigid, homogeneous structures with excellent separation characteristics. Holes can be down to 2 microns whilst maintaining high throughput and easy cleaning – even in-process cleaning. The perforations can be made in many different shapes (cross section of the hole always self-releasing).
Veco provides the industry with the widest range of filtration sieves tailored to various processing and manufacturing conditions. Applications include aerospace and defense, food process (coffee filters, continuous centrifugal screens, sugar sieves, starch screens, MSG filtration screens, etc.), water treatment, pharmaceutical filtration, test sieves, ……

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