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General Features

(1) Parts with micro holes

Electroforming is an Additive Manufacturing process particularly suitable to create accurately defined holes, from single hole products to meshes of millions of holes for atomization.
Veco has two major technologies to offer, leading to different hole shapes: bell mouth (tapered) and cylindrical (straight) hole shape.


  • Miniaturized holes down to 2 micron
  • Ultra-precise hole geometry
  • Well-controlled pitch accuracy
  • Ultra-smooth surface free of burrs or blocks

(2) Precision optical parts

Ultrafine detail and tight tolerances achievable with Veco’s precision technologies are perfectly suited to the optical industry, where absolute accuracy is critical to the majority of applications. We manufacture customized, highly accurate optical parts for a wide variety of micro-optical applications.


    • Excellent edge definition and roundness
    • Various plating finishes possible
    • Exceptional shape accuracy and consistency
    • Customized design and development

    (3) High precision metal parts

    With the world-leading precision solutions in house, there are endless possibilities for high precision metal parts: nozzles, slits, any freeform geometries, and complex patterns. If you can imagine it, we can make it.


    • The Additive Manufacturing process (atom by atom)
    • Fracture free surface
    • Completely smooth edges
    • Low bend radius down to 0.04mm
    • High aspect ratio

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