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Industrial Automation

Top quality manufacturing solutions that guarantee a formidable performance of your key automation components and assets

Micro-precision technologies for high-performance automation components

Electroforming, Chemical Etching, and Laser Cutting are industry-leading manufacturing methods that provide you with unprecedented quality and precision of your key automation components. And this quality is highly consistent as well. With ultra-precise component specifications that are always on par, your primary assets will continuously run at peak performance. So how is this level of quality guaranteed? Through meticulous testing and inspection at our dedicated facility.

Micro-precision solutions for Industrial Automation industry

  • Smooth and clean surface quality; burr and stress-free
  • Ultra-precision features
  • High accuracy and consistency
  • Corrosion/abrasion resistance
  • High stability and durability
  • Co-development services to prototype your next-gen automation component

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