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Below you can find a short summary of our inspection methods and cleanroom availability.

Parts manufactured at Veco can be produced in different a variety of cleanroom environments. The best cleanroom class we offer is ISO ?. Therefore we're a suitable partner for many industries, and we're able to adhere to a wide array of inspection requirements. At Veco, we have a two-step process for quality inspection.

1. After every sample production, we produce a FAIR, what is called the first article inspection report (FAIR). So we can confirm that the sample aligns with the design you have created. A quantitative inspection ensures that all the key parameters of your product are within the predefined bandwidth.

2. After the quantitative inspection, we now perform a qualitative inspection to ensure that your sample is created according to our quality requirements. Our quality control team inspects each component independently and also makes sure that your product functions perfectly as a whole.

The inspection criteria are always discussed completely with the customer, and it's always the aim to adhere to 100% of the quality requirements. 

For more information about how we protect our business and control our processes, please see the section Business Continuity & HSI