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Industry-leading development and manufacturing services for highly reliable medical products

While the medical devices industry is already one of the most cost-intensive ones for new product introduction, increased regulatory standards from the FDA (USA) or CE (Europe) result in even higher R&D expenses. Add increased device complexity to the equation, and the price tag of innovation rises even further. For medical device manufacturers to overcome these challenges, they need to change the way they drive innovation:

A steady, streamlined supply chain fuels improved product quality, safety, and manufacturing on an industrial scale — while reducing compliance risks and costs. In your supply chain, you need a manufacturing partner that can help you design your next innovation, guide you through regulatory processes, and provide you with unmatched quality and performance of your key components. For that level of component quality, you require state-of-the-art technologies.

Reliable micro-precision technologies for your key medical device components

Electroforming, Chemical Etching, and Laser Cutting are highly reliable, next-generation manufacturing solutions that provide you with an unprecedented quality, safety, and precision of your key components.

Precision services & features for the medical industry

  • Biocompatible materials suitable for medical applications
  • Variable hole configuration
  • Orifice hole size down to 2 micron
  • High endurance and durability
  • Co-development with the latest state of the art electroforming technology

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