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Quality Accreditation

To always provide and guarantee our customers with the best quality, Veco has been certified to the latest version of the ISO9001 quality management system.

In practice, this means that during the whole production and inspection process the products are traceable. The quality of our processes and products are continuously monitored by:

  • An in house laboratory for analyzing the chemical processes;
  • A measurement department with state of the art equipment to check the geometry of the products;
  • An inspection department to check the visual aspects of the products if possible automated.

To ensure the operators are capable there is a continuous training program.
Within Veco, we use the Six Sigma method for continuous improvement of the quality of the processes.

Business continuity and risk mitigation

There are many ways to reduce business continuity risks. As a result of our specialized production process, we do not have the possibility to produce elsewhere in case of a catastrophe. However we are very aware of the fact, this could have a major impact on our and of cause your business continuity.

Therefore, some years ago, we started with a business-continuity- and risk-mitigation -program.
It’s based on the integrated OHS&E-management system (at major hazard control level, ISO14001- and OHSAS18001-certified). We are focusing on the most important areas: Fire Risk reduction, Purchase and data.


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