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How to upload a drawing?

Before we can start working on a quote/project we need to have a drawing to evaluate. Sharing a drawing with us is part of the RFQ (Request for a quote) process. If you would like to place an RFQ you can use our request a quote form on the Veco website: Request a quote Veco B.V.

There will be a specific field where you can upload a drawing. This will be sent to Veco together with the rest of the required information. You can also send an email to order.veco@vecoprecision.com. More information on what kind of file types we accept can be found here

In both cases, someone from our sales department will contact you regarding the request. 

For a quick reply, there is some information which needs to be available on the drawing. More information about what kind of information needs to be available on the drawing can be found here