How do I place an order?

Information on how to proceed with the purchase order.

Please share your purchase order document (PDF) via email with our general email address: or by sharing your document with the person you're talking to. 

    The purchase order should refer to the following details of the quotation.

    1. Quotation number for reference. 

    2. Quantity of parts ordered.

    3. The total amount in the currency of the quotation. 


    Blanket orders and contracts:

    We do accept blanket orders, please discuss the details with your sales contact person. If there is a need to sign a contract, please discuss the details with your sales contact person as well. We will involve our legal department and discuss next steps. 



      For regular orders, it's not necessary to ask for a new quotation when you want to re-order parts you've bought previously. You can issue a new PO (order.veco@vecoprecision) and refer back to the existing quote, your sales contact person will inform you when there is a need to discuss the sales price. 


      Any questions about shipment & delivery? You can read about it here