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How do I place an RFQ?

A quick overview of the RFQ process.

I want to sign an NDA (optional)

We ensure confidentiality across the complete order process. You can find our confidentiality terms in our General Terms and Conditions. If you would like some additional reassurance, we would be happy to send you our mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please contact your sales manager or order.veco@vecoprecision with your request. 


File preparation (PDF & CAD)

We've outlined all our requirements in the section "File preparation and CAD", please follow this link: File preparation and CAD


Required information.

Please share the following information when you require a quotation:

1. Drawing according to the specifications written down in the file preparation section.

2. Quantities; eg. business case or one-time order. 

3. Measurement, quality, and packing related information. 

4. Full company details (see order process section). 


Send through the request by using the RFQ form on our website or via order.veco@vecoprecision. When received, one of our specialists will evaluate the RFQ and come back to you by phone or email.